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Mario’s Restaurant

In Late 2014, Mario’s Restaurant and Pizzeria owners John and Katrina Isopo contracted with the Lecce Group to renovate and expand their existing restaurant at 2850 River Road in the Town of Niskayuna.

Upon receiving approval from the municipality and commencing with the renovation, damage from a fire that occurred prior to the Isopos ownership was discovered hidden within the walls. After an examination of the damage and assessment of the structural integrity of the building, it was determined that a full demolition was required.

Over the course of several weeks, a new Mario’s Restaurant was designed and construction of the current eatery began.

The unexpected opportunity to build a new building allowed the Isopos the chance to design a floor plan that was aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for their customers, and provided a more efficient work space for their employees, especially in the kitchen.

A few key features include an expanded bar area, a slightly larger dining room (compared to the original restaurant), which allowed for better spacing between the tables, and an easily accessible take-out window for customers who are on the go.

Mario’s reopened in the summer of 2016 and quickly regained its place as the go-to family friendly restaurant in Niskayuna.

For more information, please visit: www.MariosRestaurantNiskayuna.com